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Audio Fanfiction for Inkheart
(by Cornelia Funke)

Audio Fanfics Rated K (G)

Stranger - by Sauron Gorthaur
Rating: K (G)
Summary: A poem. Dustfinger's lament of being trapped in our world.
Characters: Dustfinger
Length: 00:02:07

Stubble - by Goldenrose704
Rating: K (G)
Summary: Farid has something very, very important to show Dustfinger.
Characters: Dustfinger & Farid
Length: 00:03:33

Audio Fanfics Rated K+ (PG)

Dustfinger, My Love - by Sauron Gorthaur
Rating: K+ (PG)
Summary: Spoilers for Inkspell and Inkdeath. A poem. Roxane laments the death of her husband, but even in the darkest night there is hope.
Characters: Roxane & Dustfinger
Length: 00:03:43

Fire to Ashes - by Sauron Gorthaur
Rating: K+ (PG)
Summary: Dustfinger finally reads the words of Inkheart that tell of his death. Takes place in the year between Inkheart and Inkspell.
Characters: Dustfinger & Farid
Length: 00:14:11

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