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All Audio Fanfics
In Chronological Order


This is the complete list of all Audio Fanfics posted on this site during the year 2012. Newer audio-fics are at the top, while the oldest ones are at the bottom.

Light - by RiverOtter1
June 6, 2012
Rating: K (G)
Setting: The Lord of the Rings
Length: 00:07:48

Already Burning Within - by RandomCelt and DarthMihi
April 12, 2012
Rating: K+ (PG)
Setting: The Lord of the Rings
Length: 00:00:56

Changes - by TrudiRose
March 13, 2012
Rating: K (G)
Setting: Beauty and the Beast
Length: 00:21:31 Total (1 chapter in 2 parts total) COMPLETE

You Should Be Destroyed - by Lysana
March 7, 2012
Rating: K (G)
Setting: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Length: 00:02:12

Eternal Memories - by Patrick Mallard
March 5, 2012
Rating: K (G)
Setting: Angel & Torchwood
Length: 00:03:48

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